Circus Model Store

About Me

Istarted building circus model kits over 25 years ago from scratch. I discovered circus modelers did not have the kits, tents, props and other circus related components to help them build their own show. Not many of our modeler friends have time to build from scratch. Since collectors have gotten involved the prices of used model circus equipment has gone out of reach of those who have limited incomes and still love the circus.

Why shop here?

Because nobody does it better or as completely as we do. Our products speak for themselves. They turn heads at fairs and shows around the world. We take on the impossible and succeed at it in a big way

Where we come from?

Our business is a home based enterprise that has grown over the past 15 years. We have discovered many folks on the Web from all over the world have started to order from us and now the rest of the Circus modelers and model train folks can also enjoy our products. Our goal is to put as many circus modelers in touch with a source that will enable them to build, set-up, and display a model circus of their own as soon as possible.